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Lessons about social media bias

A new report from NYU Stern’s Center for Business and Human rights is out.   It’s findings?  There is no evidence that social media companies systematically suppress conservatives.   In fact, in an effort to appear unbiased, they bend over backwards to appease conservative critics.

There are specific recommendations from the report.

  • Greater transparency around moderation decisions.
  • Greater controls for users on their feeds
  • Hiring more humans to moderate.
  • And a recommendation to government to dial back some of the hostility towards tech companies.

Oh, and a recommendation to amend, not repeal, Section 230.

Why do we care?

Because it’s important to get our facts straight.   

I’m putting that aside for a moment, and taking some business lessons here.    Transparency?    Greater controls by users?   Humans to manage the customer experience?   

These all sound like things services organizations should be focusing on, regardless.     I’m not stretching to say that big tech companies would be doing better if they thought more about their users.  When the product is free, you’re the product… but you have to respect that audience in order to survive.   

I like focusing on fundamentals, and here’s an easy one – you take care of people, and you are more successful. 

Source: The Verge