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JLL gets smart about the office

Protocol got my attention with a story about the smart… er… office of the future.   As businesses think how their headquarters will reopen, the piece focuses on JLL.  That’s the real estate management company that operates offices around the globe.  They think 50% of workers are back in the office in September.   More importantly, JLL thinks technology is the key.

Tech to reserve desks, communicate with tenants, measuring conference room usage, and looking into safety protocols are all being discussed.  JLL even launched… JLL Technologies.

And “traditional IT vendors” also are looking, from Salesforce to Honeywell and SAP.    Real estate lagged behind other industries, and so the digitization opportunity is massive.

Why do we care?

Let’s observe that JLL technologies is exactly the kind of shadow channel Jay McBain of Forrester talks about.    That’s a tech company inside a real estate management one.  They have direct access to JLL’s customers.

My takeaways – you can run this strategy yourself as the technology provider.   Here’s business logic you care about.  The tech that creates that digital parity.   I want to be hearing about the success stories happening out there.

Second, know that property management companies are gearing up too.  They see this high value opportunity, and they want their part.    Get ahead of it.   Or risk losing that customer to the tech department of the property management company.

Source: Protocol