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Google ends Stadia Game Studios

Google has ended its Stadia Games & Entertainment division, which is the group within the company to build video games.  These games were focused on the Google Stadia platform, which continues on.  The company cited the high cost of video game development.

Why do we care?

We care because they did NOT shut down the whole platform.   I’m not convinced Stadia is a great idea for gamers, but I’m very bullish on cloud gaming long term… and the idea of cloud applications.

I’ve stated before that proving out cloud gaming is important because of it’s other uses.   And, it’s a cultural shift.  If you can get gamers streaming games, you can get more casual consumers doing the same.

AND, you culturally make it easier for business applications.  I’m not entirely sold on full desktops in the cloud, but if you can make seamless application streaming mainstream, that’s a big deal.

Google didn’t kill that part, and it’s why we care to continue to track.   I think this concept has legs.    Put it in your toolbox, or at minimum track it.