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Microsoft responds to providers criticism

Microsoft has responded to criticism from service providers, as reported last week.    In a statement for CRN,

“We have an internal process in place for reps to confirm whether or not a customer is already engaged with a partner,” according to a statement provided by a Microsoft spokesperson. “Unfortunately, a new Stores employee didn’t follow this process. We’ve taken steps to reinforce our protocols and bolster on-boarding training and oversight to avoid situations like this from happening in the future.”

Meanwhile, the company reported earnings this week.  Here’s your key – a 23% growth from last year in Intelligent Cloud.    The Office division is up 13%, LinkedIn up 23%, and Azure – 50%.

Why do we care?

Microsoft is killing it revenue wise, and they are going to be under pressure to keep that up.   Note that is why they are going to get more and more aggressive.

It’s not a judgement, it’s a statement.    It’s clear they respond to pushback – they took action rather than tell everyone to piss off.     That’s why you care.  They respond.    I can see other vendors reacting differently.  

Source: CRN

Source: Geek Wire