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Pepsi goes Minecraft

Here’s an innovative idea – PepsiCo is rolling out a project, after a successful prototype, to do warehouse training in Minecraft.  Why?   After too much fatigue in remote training, an employee’s 11-year old son inspired the idea.  The company tried it, and after that successful prototype, is rolling it out to 300 employees in 2021.    The program simulates a 3D warehouse.  Trainees learn to reduce waste and inefficiency in a distribution company.

All within the game.

Why do we care?

Here’s a case study example we can all embrace.  Think different is cliché… but for a reason.   This is my pushback to those who say it will all bounce back.     This is a time to rethink ideas, not just assume it all goes back.   Those who rethink win.  And those who don’t, will languish.  In Zoom.

Source: CIO Dive