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European data sovereignty takes another step

A follow up to some stories about European data sovereignty.     Atos and OVHcloud have come together to build that “100 per cent European” multi-cloud solution.   

The two companies are founding members of GAIX-X, that European association focused on data and cloud.  The group is focused on building a European solution to take on US and Chinese cloud companies.

Why do we care?

Normally I’m totally dismissive of announcements like this.  This one broke through because of the why – Europeans want to build their own cloud.  

It’s all about the data privacy laws.   The internet is splitting around these alignments.     The US companies in particular are going to be under a lot of pressure to grow – I won’t be surprised one bit to see them create new European versions of every offering.

And then some US customers are going to want that.   

This new standard is coming.  It’s just a matter of how fast it gets here.

Source: Channel Partner Insight