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Going deeper with broadband access data

Long time listeners know I’m tracking heavily on broadband access, particularly in the US.   Let’s hit the new data first.  BroadbandNow is reporting that as of December, 70% of Americans had access to a low priced broadband plan.  That’s defined as $60 a month or less.    That’s up from 52% at the end of 2019.

Remember, that’s the FCC minimum 25/3 combo.    If you want more, just 30% of Americans have access to low priced plans that bring 100Meg speeds.

It’s inconsistent.  Rhode Island, the smallest state, has 98.4% access to coverage.  84.% have access to affordable plans.  In California, 81% have access to the speeds, but only 18.% could afford the same coverage.  

This is expansion of data presented last week.  

Why do we care?

I start with the fact that lack of broadband access is holding sectors back.  That’s why we care.

In the “What should I do?”, look in your geographic market.   Understand where you can’t deliver services, and then make your elected officials aware of that.    This is an easy to sell position – broadband access opens markets.    It creates opportunity.    

So make them aware.

Source: Gizmodo