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How brazen will the attackers get?

Risk Based Security’s 2020 Year End Data Breach report is out.  The most breached sector?  Healthcare.  12.3% of reported breaches. 

Publicly reported data breaches fell by 48%.  Breaches involving ransomware are at 100% from 2019.   The severity is up too.

Meanwhile, ransomware gangs get more aggressive – one now taunts a developer openly in it’s own forums to display the ransom demand.  iOBit was compromised, and the demands against the company are public on its own forums.

Why do we care?

How brazen will the gangs get?  Pretty bold, it seems.   Public humiliation of the targets is now on the menu.

The market data is useful for knowing which to help.. and which to worry about.  It’s a bit of both.   I’m going to stop thinking about this as a binary – opportunity or not – and instead try and think risk/reward.  It’s hard, but has lots of upside.  

Source: Channel Futures

Source: Bleeping Computer