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FCC Policy coming and going

Before leaving, former FCC Chairman Ajit Pai sent out his Annual Broadband Report.   His take – 3MB upload and 25meg download is good enough for Americans.     That standard – it’s 6 years old.   The former chairman also concludes that the rural/urban divide is rapidly closing.  The evidence?  The gap between the two is now just 16% at the end of 2019, down from 30 points at the end of 2016.

Incoming chair Jessica Rosenworcel is focused on ensuring students have access to broadband.  She’s the one who coined the term “homework gap”.   Here’s a twist – Verizon, in a policy paper out today, urges making the new Emergency Broadband Benefit permanent. 

Why do we care?

Critics are saying these victory laps aren’t backed up by data, and I’m right there with them.    

I don’t mind saying I’m very pro-broadband as utility.   Seems Verizon knows it too.  At minimum, of course they like being supported by public funds to help with those costs.   I’m not so totally cynical here – that spend should open up real possibilities for new markets, so providers should WANT students connected.   

Source: Ars Technica

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