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“The Future of Ransomware”

Here’s your scary new trend.  Sophos is reporting that ransomware code is being shared across so called “code families”.  Some ransomware groups are even appearing to work in concert rather than competition with each other.

Sophos says this may be the future of ransomware.    Ransomware “families” using a common toolset, making it harder to detect.  

Canalys says this should be a good year for security.  10% increase worldwide, 12.5% in web and email security, 11% in vulnerability and security analytics, and 10.4% in endpoint security.

Why do we care?

Here’s my theme lately – -spending is up but the problem doesn’t’ feel like it’s getting better.    Its why I paired the two stories together.  

Sure, spending may go up, but are results?   Providers, those that do deliver results here are going to stand out.   It shouldn’t be a high bar to clear sometimes.  Usually the breaches are because of oversight.    Breaches like SolarWinds are the exception, not the rule.     

Source: Channel Life NZ

Source: Computer Weekly