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The promise of wearables has a solid use case

A new study has found that heart rate variability, measured by smartwatches and wearables, can be used to detect COVID-19.

Detection is before the virus can be found by tests or symptoms.      81% of corona-virus positive patients had changes in their resting heart rates up to nine and a half days prior to the onset of symptoms.

Why do we care?

I love this.   So much.     This is the promise of the Internet of things and smart devices.   Right here.    Something useful you couldn’t predict before.  And now you can. 

Sure, this is a consumer example.  It just shows how putting sensors on those “things” can open up new opportunities.   

Make sure you’re sitting at the table having the conversations to ensure you’re offering what is possible from a data perspective, and pair with the business experts so they know they can leverage it.

Source: CBS News