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Auvik’s 2021 Network Field Report

Auvik Networks has released their 2021 Network Field Report.   Some highlights:

  • Only 36% of organizations back up their network device configurations daily or weekly.
  • Think that’s enough – the data says configuration changes are frequent.
  • How’s this for a bummer – more than half of an IT pro’s time are spend on projects they hate or tolerate.
  • Why the hate? “not enough time”
  • More than a quarter of organizations never or rarely update their network documentation. Again, the data says changes happen all the time.
  • Half of IT Pros don’t have complete information on their network configurations.

Why do we care?

I like this survey due to its closeness to the provider community.    I’m also amused it’s full of “obvious” results.  Of course no one knows enough about their network.   

There’s an obvious connection here between the fact Auvik sells a product that solves this problem and that so many aren’t doing enough of.  Duh, they highlight it, with the implication you should buy their stuff.     That doesn’t mean the problem isn’t real. 

I don’t think the “real money” is in network management.   It’s a necessary foundation to do the really profitable stuff.   I didn’t say you can’t make money here.    Just that the REALLY profitable assumes you’re doing this well, and systemized enough to not have to put expensive labor on it.

Source: Auvik