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A rioter planned to sell Speaker Pelosi’s laptop to the Russians

The FBI has filed an affidavit charging one of the capitol rioters with unlawful entry to the capital and impeding government functions… and includes an apparent plan to steal Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop and convey it to a contact in Russian .  The plan is detailed in the filing, where a former associate of the rioter told police of the plan to steal the laptop with the intent to sell it to the Russian government.  

Why do we care?

Right after the riots at the Capitol, I highlighted the cybersecurity risk that was theoretical.  That got real very fast.    We blasted past theory and passed right by opportunistic to planned.  

Think that through – a rioter PLANNED to steal secure documents and sell them to the Russians.    Under cover of the riots.      

Now realize this could happen to any of your customers or you or anything you manage too.  If you lose physical security, it’s all over.    The criminals are always WAY more organized than you expect them to be.

Source: The Verge