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The Worst of CES

I was dismissive of CES last week, and I stand by that.  For a big trends show, not a lot to latch onto.

I do want to highlight the new Worst In Show awards, given out by the Repair Association.   Who’s that?  They’re a group pushing for right to repair to be the law of the land.  Here, they are interested in products that are the least secure, safe, and repairable.

John Deere wins for repairability.   Their new combine replaces an industry standard header with a proprietary digital one – a first in agricultural history.

How about Linksys for Privacy. They win for their creepy move to use Wifi to detect motion, making every device in your house a tracker.

There were six winners in total.

Why do we care?

Here’s the downside to technology.  In all the buzz about products, often times we forget intentional or unintentional downsides.     I pulled one of each.

The first is clearly intentional.   John Deere made a decision to make their equipment proprietary.   The second feels more accidental.  The decision is more an outcome rather than the intention.      The first is the realm of product designers.   My take – there is more to win with ecoystems.

The second is the realm of consultants.  You can make a lot of money making recommendations based around unintended consequences. 

Source: USPIRG

Source: Gadget Guy