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Lobbying continues to be a difficult space: let’s look at one

I talk a lot about regulation on the show, and I bemoan the question of “who will represent us?”, particularly when we think about the small or midsized services provider.   Axios profiled The Internet Association, Silicon Valley’s lobbying org.     It’s biggest challenge is too many firms working at cross purposes.     The big companies – Facebook, Google, and Amazon – just have different needs from the smaller members.  Plus, they have a leadership vaccum, a funds problem, and members not as well engaged.

Why do we care?

IA feels like it could be part of the solution, at least more than CompTIA, who have withdrawn from lobbying pretty much entirely.    Providers still need to find a place to get involved.   This is a conversation too – speak up if you have ones to look at.  

Source: Axios