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European and Brazilian market data with insights

Let’s not miss the market data that came out last week.   Analyst firm Context has their European data for Q4 – it’s up 10.2% year on year.     Here are the highlights:

  • Notebooks grew 37% year on year in volume and 31% in revenue in Q4
  • For the year, up 7.2%
  • Countries showing the biggest growth? Poland, 30% increase in Q4, the Czech Republic, at 15%, Spain, 13% and Italy 11%
  • France, Austria and Slovakia all down – two, five and seven percent.
  • Small and medium sized resellers dominated – 36.5% of the market
  • Large enterprise resellers, down 2%, at 26.4%
  • Retail and e-tail were the rest.

And while I’m internationally focused, TGT Consult, which is ISG’s consulting arm, says Brazilian companies having growing importance in enterprise IT.   In Brazil, local firms are nearly half the market, and those companies are growing significantly in public cloud, managed services, and transformation.    

Why do we care?

Local is the name of the game.    What I took more than anything from this was how a local market can engage with its own providers.  Any time I worry too much about the so called “consolidation”, I am reminded of this magic.  

That’s my big reason to care – and for those listeners in those markets, this is specific to you.     This isn’t just a US focused show, after all, as there are lessons for everyone in any market.

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