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Back to the office.. now or too soon?

Honeywell has a new study about returning to the office.   The majority of US workers do not feel safe back in the building.      71% do not feel completely safe in the building.    For remote workers its higher, at 82%.  Importantly, 29% of remote workers said they would look for another job rather than return to a location that did not implement safety measures.

Why do we care?

The context of this is Commercial Integrator, which focuses on the the technology of buildings, like conference rooms and electronics.     There is good data to dig into here if you want to go further.      The data is not just US – the UK, Germany and Middle East are included. 

Two reasons to care.   You have to consider what changes you are making to ensure your team feels safe returning to the office, particularly if you haven’t.   Then, you need to know that if you rush it, you will lose staff.    The data clearly says both.   That’s why we care.

There’s technology opportunity here to be sure, and if you’re capable go mind that.  Everyone cares about those two lessons regardless.  

Source: Commercial Integrator