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CES did happen: What’s the trend?

CES was this week.   With all the other things going on, one could think we missed it.     Nope.  Instead, the trends of note were … more of the same.   TVs, new computers, more devices, but notably… not a lot surprising.  

However, I did want to highlight something from Protocol:

Emily Birnbaum writes: As the world has changed, so has CES. While Big Tech faces a dizzying number of antitrust investigations and small- to medium-sized tech faces the prospects of imminent regulation on everything from privacy to AI, participants have to talk about the elephant in the room: the government.

Why do we care?

I’ve gone to CES a number of times.  It’s my experience that you have alternating years – one year on, one year less so.  Last year I covered a lot of interesting trends. This year, it’s more of the same.  Just faster.

I did care about that observation from Protocol.  Small and Midsized tech faces regulation.   Long time listeners are nodding.  If you’re new, this is not new.  It’s just getting louder.

And louder that hits perception of a show often linked just to consumers.