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BMW, Apple, Vaccination records, Azure, and the NSA

This is an odd collection of stories, but go with me.     You’ll catch up on a lot of stories, and I’m going somewhere with it.

BMW has ended their subscription service for cars.  Access by BMW started two years ago, and for $2K a month, you could get any BMW you wanted from a fleet.  

Apple has removed the feature that lets its own apps bypass the macOS firewall and VPNs in the new beta 2 version of Big Sur. 

Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle are working with health care providers on digital vaccine credentials.  The idea is a digital record to prove you’ve been vaccinated.    The work is being done in the Vaccination Credential Initiative.

Microsoft is also apparently nearly done getting its own native services – Office 365, Xbox Live, and Bing – to Azure.    They have focused on that, and now, per ZDNet, they are nearly done.

The NSA is recommending not to use third party DNS resolvers. Instead, use your own in enterprises, or external ones with built in support for encrypted DNS. 

Why do we care?

Besides just making sure we know this stuff… basic blocking and tackling, trends.

Everything here is an expression of a trend.  Subscriptions, security, migration to the cloud.     Most of these are just steps on the journey.   

I do want to linger on the BMW story.  Digging into it, some car makers and rental companies have had success with their programs, and some haven’t.     They’re still experimenting.   Remember, programs can be an AND, not an OR.    It’s not subscription or nothing.     It’s letting customers buy the way they want.