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Microsoft sales teams going direct to MSP & CSP customers

It’s my lead today because for so many in the SMB market because this is considered the number one rule.  Vendors should not go after an MSP’s customers directly.

Two resellers, including one Microsoft MVP, have comes forward with specific emails from Microsoft that do just that.     In two different emails, Microsoft sales reps are offering support, training, and assessments.     That public blog post shares that one CSP.

“We almost lost a 50k/month Azure WVD client as Microsoft offered their implementation for free. We kept the client onboard thankfully, thanks to value-added services”

Or how about this conversation, posted on CRN, between an MSP and Microsoft rep:

“Someone wants to buy some Microsoft service. Power BI … So you’re telling me that you are going to approach that customer and say ‘Yeah. I’d love to help you with Power BI integration and I can get you the licensing.’ Is that how that conversation would go?” 

“I mean, in a nutshell it could go that way,” the sales manager said.

CRN reached out to Microsoft for comment, and as of this recording, they had not heard back.

Why do we care?

It’s the third rail for a reason.  Nothing makes providers more angry than finding out about a vendor breaking trust.   

You can be shocked and not surprised at the same time.   I’m actually shocked to find Microsoft doing this.   My impression on them was that they were really investing in their partner relationships.  I’m also not surprised because of course they are going to go direct sometimes.  They go direct even now.   

Walk and chew gum at the same time.  Push back on them as a bad partner and call this stuff out.    Also, prepare your moat by delivering those value added services, just like the CSP did.      You can do more than they can, and you have to continue to do so.

Source: CRN

Source: Third Tier