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Work from home data is inconsistent: So what can we learn?

Work from home.     Are people more productive, or less?   According to Blind, about half of the respondents to their suvery say less productive.  Ask Bloomberg employees, and two thirds say they are MORE productive, but two thirds at Adobe say they are LESS productive.     On Twitter, 70% say more.

Netskope says there’s a 148% rise in remote workers since the pandemic, AND a 161% increase in visits to those high risk apps and websites.   The number of personal devices uses nearly doubled.   And, 65% of IT execs say a quarter of their companies will work remotely… permanently. 

Why do we care?

My colleague Karl Palachuk, in his State of the Market address today, predicted we’re going back to offices nearly like normal.  I disagree. 

I learned two things from this data.     It matters a lot about your company.     And, that’s a BIG influx of remote work.

I don’t see it going back to the old ways because it’s just too big a swing.     That difference in company data tells me that different companies are building culture about how to work from home.     When I think digital parity, it’s clearly those companies that did a good job here.

And so, be that company – and teach others to be that company.  That’s the big value we’re looking to sell.    Way more than just selling the technology.

Source: Commercial Integrator

Source: Channel Pro Network