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Parler data scraped; big tech warns employees to be safe

Bit more fallout from last week in tech.   Parler, taken offline after losing its vendors, is now being mined for data.  How?   A lone hacker scraped all the data.  Millions of posts pulled and then shared on the Internet Archive.     Lots of it is metadata too, and includes deleted and private posts. 

Facebook is telling its employees not to avoid wearing company branded swag.  Leaders fear for the safety of their teams.    AWS is telling its data center teams to be vigilant.   And, European leaders are calling for the removals to be done by legal means, not corporate ones.

Why do we care?

Parler’s leaks tell me so much about data management.   One individual is pulling so much personal data.    Anytime I think about the value of data management, I’m going to think of this incident now as an example.  

Something is really broken when companies have to warn their teams about violence.    It’s clear we don’t have a good regulation framework for any of this – it shouldn’t be done by private companies, and government isn’t effectively regulating the outcomes in a way society is comfortable with.     Section 230 reform – not repeal – will be one of the ways this is addressed.

How about a tax on algorithmically delivered content, or treating that as a publisher?   Something to ponder…. And why we care.

Source: Tech Crunch

Source: The Information