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How many Windows 7 devices are out there?

Anyone know how many Windows 7 machines are out there?    ZDNet has been analyzing the data, and have indicated that it is running on at least 100 million machines, and it could be more than 200 million devices.   As a reminder, support for Windows 7 ended in January 2020.  

Referring back to the previous story, however, Absolute reports that 78% of enterprise devices are running Windows 10, up from 54% last year, although there are 491 total patch levels across those devices, and 90% of Windows 10 devices are running two more versions behind.

Why do we care?

I put this second to make two statements.  First, seek out and upgrade those Windows 7 opportunities… but also contrast the data.  Certainly in the enterprise, its NOT as big as you might think based on that huge set of numbers.  The ZDNet data is total market, the Absolute data being enterprise.

I’d offer that I think SMB splits somewhere between, which represents still an opportunity.  Thus the second statement.. take that earlier data about patching and status, and get rid of this risk if you see it in your customers, and then sell reducing this portion of the risk by upgrades.

Source: The Verge