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Broadband outage costs: which country leads the list?

With 2020 behind us, several reports into the costs of internet shutdowns have been released, and notably, India topped the list for about three quarters of the $4B lost worldwide due to internet outages and shutdowns, doubling from the previous year.  At $2.8B, this cost reflects 8,927 hours of blackout.

Why do we care?

This measurement of cost of shutdowns is useful because it shows how vital broadband connectivity is for business – and here at a macro scale.   

Let’s observe something – in India’s case, this was deliberate, government shutdowns of connectivity.   

However, there’s an inverse to that.    If a government isn’t encouraging broadband growth and access… you’re shutting out rather than shutting down access.     That has an economic hit too.  It’s why I focus on broadband access – I believe this is holding back services opportunities, and I hope you do too… enough to speak up.

Source: Bloomberg

Source: The Next Web