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Two ways data was misused: providers may have a new offering

Two instances of data being used in unexpected ways.

NBC News has an analysis of how data collected by your car – which is smart, of course – that tracks location data, doors opening, recordings of calls or text threads and call logs.   Both the car’s onboard computer and the infotainment system can be useful for extracting information – and in many cases, without requiring a passcode or login, making it easier for police or other people to search.  

Meanwhile, spymaker NSO used real phone location data of several thousand people when demonstrating it’s COVID-19 contact tracking system to governments and journalists.   When trying to sell the software, the company used real data – and exposed the data, which was quickly secured when reported. 

Why do we care?

How about we start the year with two “black mirror” stories – did the manufacturers think through the misuse of their technologies?    That was my takeaway here – they probably didn’t…. which opens up an entire space for being that pessimist and working with customers to think that way.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you – which takes on a whole new meaning when you apply it to technology in this way.  I’m really looking for those new consulting opportunities that should start to be more front and center… and we’ll update on SolarWinds later in the show.

Source: NBC News

Source: Tech Crunch