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SolarWinds MSP will be N-Able: lessons from a poor marketing choice

A standalone SolarWinds MSP piece before digging into the larger SolarWinds story.  The division has announced that SolarWinds MSP will rebrand as N-Able as part of their potential spin out.  This was the name of the company acquired in 2013 by SolarWinds, and later merged with LogicNow in 2016, to form SolarWinds MSP.

Why do we care?

I made this stand alone because it’s just a very different type of story than the rest.

First off, the spinoff is totally happening.    You don’t talk about it like this if it’s not – and then layer in the hack, and the MSP group wants to get as far away from the parent as they possibly can. 

Now, let’s learn some lessons on branding.    Leaders are claiming this is the “roots” of the company.     That’s why this is a fail.  They are explicitly citing that the past is why they are dusting off a 20-year-old name.  What instead it does is remind us that their core technologies are also twenty years old.  

How do I know I’m right?  You’ll remember this statement now every time you think of the name.   

And thus, your lesson – if you are trying to step into the future, and position yourself as a leading company in a new market or new position… don’t look to the past.     You don’t get paid on blood sweat and tears equity in any capacity, including marketing.

Source: Channel E2E