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MSP Experts Weigh in: Early Career Advice.. help desk or MSP?

A listener came with a great question.

I’m 20 years old and have been working at a help desk for about 6 months. I dont have any certifications yet and will have a associates in May of 2021. I would love to start a side hustle in the IT field to gain more real world experience and income. I love how MSP sounds but I feel like its way over my head. Should I get my certifications and help desk experience first? Or dive into a small MSP river and learn as I go?”

This felt like too big a question for just me, so I asked several other MSP owners who I respect for their take.

Answers from MSPs Dave DelVecchio, Amy Babinchak, Mark Essayian and Forrester’s Jay McBain, plus final insights from Business of Tech Podcast host Dave Sobel.

View the video here!

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