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Zoom’s new platform play, and my prediction: they buy DropBox.

Too juicy not to cover – the Information’s Kevin McLaughlin, who used to cover the channel for CRN, is reporting that Zoom is exploring both an email and calendar offering.  The plan is to take on Microsoft and Google for larger corporate customers.

Why do we care?

Oh, I don’t like speculation like this, but there’s a reason we care.  I’ve been talking about the value of platforms thematically and in specific editorials, and offered that Zoom could easily be a platform.  Well, clearly they see it too, because adding business services like email and calendar would be the core collaboration tools.

Do they buy DropBox?    There’s a prediction – they’ll buy them next year.     Now we see the whole platform come into focus, and this is where smart providers are building their businesses – in this productivity layer, be it Microsoft, Google, Salesforce.. or maybe Zoom.   

Source: The Information