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Why do customers buy from MSPs? New data insights

Infrascale has released research on the decision making of SMB and mid-market decision makers.  Their findings:

68% of business executives believe that working with a managed services provider helps them stay ahead of their competition.     The main reason they pick outsourcing – at 51% — is to save costs.  Next up is increased security at 46%.

Almost everyone – 96% — believe it is extremely or very important to have a predictable IT budget right now.      Data protection is the number one service MSPs must have, followed by data analytics and cloud services.    Technical support is fourth.  

Why do we care?

I want to start here by continuing to identify the need for what this space delivers.   Customers want you to focus on competitive differentiation through technology, cost savings, and done in a secure way.   Note that security is not first – it’s likely the number one WORRY of customers and providers, but no matter what you do, remember you have to lnik your performance to the business.     I did a presentation today discussing exactly this, and will highlight it again… look at every service you offer, and ensure you can directly link it to the business outcome or value in your customer’s environment.

My bonus prediction for 2021 – you will see significant drops in your service revenues on anything that does not meet this test.

Source: PRWeb