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JEDI: Amazon asks the contract to be thrown out

You knew it would come back… the Pentagon’s JEDI contract.

Amazon has urged a judge to throw out the contract, stating it must “be invalidated because it is the product of systematic bias, bad faith, and undue influence exerted by President Trump to steer the award away from” the company. It called it a “flawed and politically corrupted decision.”

The deal was temporarily halted in February, and that remains in place.

The complaint focuses on four areas: a failure to evaluate proposals in accordance with solicitation, “blatant disparate treatment”, an irrational best value decision, and improper influence and conflict of interest by President Trump into the contract process.

Why do we care?

Any more color about this decision in mind based on the stories of the hack?   Maybe a little.

That said, besides the popcorn worthiness of this story to watch Microsoft and Amazon battle it out, there remains the open question of simply who will win the trophy, because that endorsement matters to the market.

Source: Reuters

Source: CRN