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Lessons on collaboration from gaming

Quick story – Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have announced a shared set of safety guidelines for how to moderate and police their online platforms.

Quoting the Verge: “The new principles come under three main categories; prevention, partnership, and responsibility. Prevention covers allowing players to customize their privacy controls, to promote the existence of these options and make them easy to use. Partnership, meanwhile, includes pledges to cooperate with other organizations and ratings agencies on safety initiatives. Finally, responsibility includes a commitment to be transparent about rules, and to make it easy for players to report when people break the rules.“

Why do we care?

I didn’t cover the Facebook anti-trust actions on the pod last week, mostly as I didn’t have a link to smaller service providers and there were plenty of hot takes already.   

That said, if you don’t see the connection between this move on gaming and what is happening on social, you arent’ paying attention.   It shows the power of collaboration in an industry.

When I call for providers working together to set standards, this is an example of how that works… and thus,why you care.

Source: The Verge