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MSP’s are number one… and it’s not in a good way

New data from Cisco Umbrella in their modern cybersecurity landscape report.

A major headline – managed services providers are now the number one target for risk of attacks by state actors.  The report offers quote “MSPs are attractive targets because, if the MSP has not effectively secured their own environment, malicious actors can attack the MSP themselves first, then use hijacked remote monitoring management to go after the MSP’s clients. As a result, the risk here is actually higher for customers, rather than the MSPs themselves.“

On that list is Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Healthcare, and then technology Software and hardware, in descending order or priority for attackers.

Why do we care?

 Well, the headline is important, so let’s highlight that.

Beyond that I was interested in the markets – and have been asking myself if these also correlate into those sectors investing in technology too.   I’m looking for data to make that correlation, and offer that even without, it’s important to note that anything with data as its core – those listed industries – will be a critical target. 

Source: Cisco Umbrella