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Jobs data and Tech Cities: insights into labor choices

Bit of labor news – the IT workforce lost about 8600 jobs in November, mostly in IT services and custom software development, per a report from CompTIA.  Also out, their new Tech Towns data for the US, which tracks 20 metro areas with populations greater than 250,000.     In all five areas – Software/App developers, Computer systems Engineers and Architects, Computer Systems Analysts, IT Support Specialists, and Information Security Specialists, my hometown metro of Washington DC took the top spot for most open jobs. 

Also per the data, 80% of IT Pros feel good about their role as technologists.

Why do we care?

Besides my property going up, there’s two things to take away here.   I’m really looking at jobs data in conjunction with IT spend data.   In a services business like technology services, where labor is the vast majority of expenses – and the resource you ultimately use to generate your revenues – drops in jobs are indicative of a worrying trend.    I’m warning about that now as we move into the winter in the northern hemisphere.

On the Tech Towns data, there are a lot of needs in specific technology fields, so know also what you’re competing against.  It’s conflicting data – seeing so many job openings in specific areas but also an overall job drop.  What that tells me is that it’s geographically AND industry dispersed.  Thus, continue to dig into your own demographics of customers to judge the coming months.

Source: Beckers Hospital Review, CompTIA