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Botnet attacker pleads guilty: A sign of things to come?

Remember the massive internet disruption back in October 2016, that took down Amazon, PayPal, Visa, Netflix, the PlayStation Network and Airbnb?  

The botnet used was developed by a now defendant who was under age at the time of the attack.. and now has plead guilty to their involvement.    Sentencing is scheduled for January 7, 2021.

Why do we care?

I’m expecting more of this, that’s why.   These are big name cases, so they will get more headlines.  Don’t expect them to be the last.   As I look to 2021, I’m anticipating a lot more in the way of criminal cases in regards to cyber security.  Sure, one data point is not a trend, so do not take it that way.

Instead, remember that this route to resolution – prosecution – is available, and it’s such an obvious route for any politician who wants to garner bipartisan, pro-business support.

Source: Bleeping Computer