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Tech Regulation: Why 94% matters

The Information has released survey data on tech regulation.

  • 41% of respondents believe current antitrust regulations are poor.
  • 61% believe their company is adequately investing in ensuring employees are apprized of regulatory compliance.
  • In the US, 94% of companies are focused on shaping policy when it comes to regulations that affect the business, and it’s 41% for Europe.

Why do we care?

This data is from large customers, so you might be inclined to be dismissive.    Instead, listen to that again – 94% of companies are focused on shaping regulations that affect the business among the very large.

What’s shocking to me is the number of SMB companies that do NOT consider shaping regulation in anyway.     Find me something that 94% of people think is a good idea.        Seriously.

Because 94% of big companies are thinking about tech regulation.  And that’s why I see it for SMB too – because the problem is real.    It’s different, certainly, but still real.

Source: The Information