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Exposure notifications: an opportunity to make a difference for providers

The New York Times has a great piece looking into the COVID Exposure Notification technology, and focusing on the two major obstacles to adoption – privacy, and marketing.    The technology looks very promising.    Some early research at Oxford University indicated that if 60 percent of the people in an area used a digital contact-tracing app, the pandemic could be brought under control without a lockdown.

Newer models are now saying that the apps help reduce viral spread even if just 15 percent of the population use them.     In Switzerland, about 22 percent of the population is using the tech – and finding results similar to what is seen in human contact tracing.  It’s been piloted in the US too at the University of Arizona, and showing a reduction in cases due to the information provided.

Marketing works – in the states requiring apps, the numbers of adoption are lower.  New York at 5%, Alabama under 3% and Wyoming at 1%.    However, Virginia is at nearly 10% — having devoted $1.5m to public awareness campaigns.

Here’s the key – marketing needs to be targeted to the group.    The most effective way has been via text messaging, telling people the app could protect their family and friends.

Why do we care?

This seems entirely like an opportunity for providers.   You control the last mile of technology delivery, and customers look to you for insights into privacy concerns.

If we want to maximize economic growth, the straightest line to that is getting the virus under control, and waiting for the vaccine means a brutal winter and delays into the summer.

So MSPs should take this cause up.    You have the trust and the impact to get this message out.

I’m putting my money where my mouth is with this one.   I’ve created a video you can share with your customers directly.  It’s generic, with no branding, and refers them to you for questions.      It has comments off, and all you need to do is send it to customers with your own contact information for follow up.

If you want to make your own, I have also included the script that I used for the video to take the information and make it your own.    Download and use as you need.

You can take the information from that video or script and put it in your newsletter, or use it in your calls with your customers.   However you market, you can take this message to your customers.

Here is something you can offer them for free, that costs them nothing to deploy, that can help us all through what may be a very difficult winter.    We’re always looking for ways to bring value.   Well, here’s one.

Source: NY Times

Pre-Done Video for Customers:

Download the Script