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AI Principles in motion from the US Federal Government

The President signed an executive order on Thursday that places the Office of Management and Budget in charge of designing a roadmap for how federal agencies use artificial intelligence.   Due in 180 days, the roadmap will cover AI applications used by the fed for purposes other than defense or national security, as the DoD and US intelligence community already have drawn up a set of rules for AI.

Quoting GeekWire: “The executive order lays out a list of nine principles, specifying that the ways in which federal agencies use AI should be lawful; purposeful and performance-driven; accurate, reliable and effective; safe, secure and resilient; understandable; responsible and traceable; regularly monitored; transparent; and accountable.

It is unclear what will happen to the EO when the Biden administration assumes control in January.

Why do we care?

Over on Killing IT we actually discussed the DoD’s AI guidelines, and I’m actually interested to see what OMB comes up with… because those are principles that a savvy technology services provider will then apply to their own customers.

Listeners know I’m big on business consulting services, but that doesn’t mean I believe you have to build that from scratch.  Beg, borrow, and steal ideas to do it, and if the US government offers you a framework, you take it, just like you take their work from NIST.

My take: regardless of the administration, we’ll get some principles we can use here.

Source: The Verge