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Microsoft backs off the creepy Productivity Score and removes usernames

Microsoft is removing usernames from the Productivity Score feature reported on yesterday in response to backlash.     The feature will now only provide aggregate data at the organization level.     Additionally, the company will update privacy disclosures in Productivity Score to make it clearer it was designed to assess overall organizational productivity.  

The company made no comment on the patent filings, and there is no specific indication that the features arounds body language, facial expressions, and the like are being built as a product.

Why do we care?

Customer feedback works, and in this case works quickly.     This example clearly fails the Black Mirror test, which is the idea of taking the piece of technology, and designing the episode of Black Mirror where the product is used for a nepharious use in a slightly dystopian future.      It’s always subtle use, never killer Terminators or zombies.  

Here’s your takeaway – as I said simply with the feature before this change, The technology services company that talks about the whiz bang feature here is missing the actual value of engaging with their customers to understand their business process and challenges and identifying which products and technology help there, and which should not be used.     

Repetition does not spoil the prayer.   It’s just as true today as it was yesterday, even WITH this product… and privacy …. changing announcement.  

Source: GeekWire