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Google launches MDM solution for SMBs

Google has launched its own mobile management services with Android Enterprise Essentials, which is focused on the small and medium sized business market.   The product applies core policies against mobile devices, including lock and encryption, mandatory malware protection locking devices to the Google Play Store, and the ability to wipe devices.    It is rolling out in the US and UK via third party distribution before going worldwide “early next year”

Why do we care?

I’ve highlighted Microsoft as the gorilla that could take out and change the managed services management space, but there is a dark horse in Google.   

It’s entirely viable to build a Chromebook based services business, and Google just added another piece to the puzzle here.   What if they want to go further into management?  Google Cloud Platform could support it.   It’s viable.      It’s a dark horse.

As I think about my 2021 predictions, this is data point to track.     And note how they are going to market – via distribution shows an understanding of how technology services providers work.  They cleaned up their partner program this year… and here embrace distribution.

Dark horse, but out there to watch.  And some are going to make money there.

Source: 9 to 5 Google