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macOS now in AWS EC2, opening doors to new infrastructure

Amazon’s re:invent conference is going on virtually, and on Monday night, the company announced that AWS is now providing macOS on-demand in the cloud for the first time.    The offering is focused on developers, and provides mac minis in the cloud.  Notably, these are the i7 versions, and not the new M1 Mac minis, and AWS does allow them to connect to it’s Nitro system.  The company indicated that M1 minis will be rolling out early next year.

Of note – AWS is not virtualizing the hardware.  Instead, this is a dedicated device in the cloud.  It’s not cheap – priced at 1.083 per hour, billed by the second, which results in about $26 a day for use.    While it’s not clear how much Amazon and Apple partnered for the offering, Apple’s VP of worldwide marketing was quoted in the press release.

Why do we care?

Today is really a solid day for news.

First, let’s acknowledge Apple still doesn’t support virtualization, and so the solution… throw a ton of hardware at it.   Dedicated systems.

That said, the idea of elastic computing continues to expand, and here you see it again.   Dynamic macOS installations, even with this approach, expands the capabilities to most operating systems.

Also to watch for – you aren’t limited on how these can be use specifically to developers.    It’s an expensive – but now possible within AWS – desktop as a service solution, and could result in some new innovations as well.

Infrastructure is really changing.

Source: Tech Crunch

Source: GeekWire