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Zoom fatigue… and why it’s an opportunity

Yup, it’s official, we’re hitting Zoom fatigue.

Per a survey from Robert Half, 38% of employees say they have experienced video call fatigue

The most common video call pet peeve was technical issues followed by too many meeting participants and people talking over each other. Nearly one-quarter of respondents (24%) said they find virtual meetings inefficient and exhausting and would prefer to communicate through email or phone. 

One in four employees (26%) said the practicality and novelty of videoconferencing wore off over the past eight months.

Why do we care?

Over the long weekend, I’m releasing an interview with John Street, the CEO of Pax8.   We talk about the current economy, and both agree we’re at the halfway point of this.  

We have a ways to go.

So we care about this data because this is something we can actually work on – the most common peeve is technical issues.  Guess whose pervue that is?   Listeners to this podcast.

I talk often about the value of consulting services – well, here it is.  It’s one thing to give everyone the capability to do video calls.  It’s another to train them to be effective.  The first is a commodity, the second is value.

Source: CIO Dive