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Is the EU moving on the next GDPR?

Let’s take on a bit more regulation – the EU’s executive arm has proposed new legislation aimed at creating an EU-wide data marketplace to facilitate sharing of industrial and government information—provided the data is protected according to European standards, under the eyes of the bloc’s regulators.

This is a first attempt to focus on industrial and government data.

Why do we care?

Obviously still a proposal, but it’s logical to assume that personal data regulations in Europe would eventually move to government and industrial data.

We care because the internet isn’t specifically local, and as patchwork of regulations begins to roll out, it will make data management more complicated.  I could argue that’s all opportunity – in mystery there is margin, after all – but the risk is that the lack of international cooperation here makes it overly complicated for smaller companies.

Providers care because the value of their services is in this set of business services, and your 2021 and future planning should be about staffing this need.

Source: WSJ