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Investment rounds noticed: AI and data

I don’t normally focus on companies during their investment rounds, mostly because I generally don’t care much until something is happening besides getting money, but I did note one that I wanted to highlight, particularly as this is the traditionally quiet news week in the US.

Metigy is a marketing platform for small businesses to automate the decision making in their online ad campaigns, which secured a new round of funding.    The Australian based company provides tools designed to help small or inexperienced marketing teams use real time data to make recommendations on their advertising channels.

Also in that category, ControlUp, a provider of remediation software for IT teams that leverages AI, raised a round of funding.

Why do we care?

AI and data.   I’m pulling these because of that.    The interesting new companies are the ones that are bringing to bear data, and using systems to make that data smarter.

That’s what you are looking for in tools now.  When I read CompTIA’s IT Industry outlook report, this is exactly the definition of “Emerging Technologies find their place inside business solutions”.

And frankly, tools that don’t do that will begin to be a drag on your business, and on your customers businesses.   You don’t build these emerging technologies, but you sure do leverage them.

Source: TechCrunch

Source: VentureBeat