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Microsoft Teams: open for big groups for free and integrating

Let’s update on Microsoft Teams – the high profile news was that the product is now free to use for an all day video call option in a browser, with meetings up to 300 friends and family.

Additionally, the new Teams meeting extensions and low-code tools are rolling out, allowing developers to build extensions, some focused on chat-bots, right into the platform.  

Why do we care?

Because it’s evidence of the platform play.   Microsoft is intentionally pushing to get as many people onto Teams as possible to get critical mass for the product to make it invaluable.    

At the same time, they are making it easy to plug in tools to make the product even more valuable and part of the ecosystem.  That’s the key word – they are building their ecosystem.

Be aware, you the technology services provider will not get to control the choices of end users in many ways.   You should be prepared for how you are handling the platform choice, and what your recommendations are.

Source: The Verge

Source: Channel Futures