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We care about chips again — why?

Let’s talk chips.   Two highlights.

First, the benchmarks for Apple’s M1 are being released, and they are impressive.  Most notable – the ability to emulate x86 hardware without noticeable performance drops.  

And announced this week, Microsoft is working with chip makers to build Pluton, ad security chip designed to bring security to Windows machines in a similar manner to Apple’s T2.  

I’ve included a pair of links in the show notes that are longer pieces on the M1 chip, which I encourage listeners to dive into.

Why do we care?

This might be a piece for Killing IT in long form, but I wanted to address it on this show.    Chips recently have not been particularly interesting – periodic upgrades and changes in speeds.

Apple is changing the game.  

There’s some serious discussion about the differences – a $2000 laptop outperforming the $6000 one – or discussions about how instant on, or all day battery life just changes everything.

Here’s why we care – with this ecosystem about to be disrupted, I would challenge technology services providers to ensure that they are truly looking at computing devices across end users in a new, more expansive way.    You have the opportunity to revisit your go to market now, thinking about users rather than devices… and particularly more than simply Windows devices, which ultimately is less than 35% of the OS market anyway.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m biased here, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

I’d be very deliberate about redefining my business about the business work platform – say, M365 or Google Workplace – and then embracing all devices that connect to them as equal.


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