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The UK launches the National Cyber Force

The UK has launched – and is already operational – the National Cyber Force, which is an offensive group of spies, cyber experts, and members of the military that are conducting cyber operations to disrupt hostile state activities, terrorists, and criminals.

The organization draws from the intelligence agency GCHQ, the Ministry of Defence, the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory, and the Secret Intelligence Service… aka MI6.

An example of operations – -interfering with mobile phone operation to prevent terrorists from communicating with their contacts.

Why do we care?

Here’s why we care – it’s clear governments are going to be investing in programs like this at the nation-state level, and we as technologists should be pushing for more at the local level too.

In the US, think of the FBI and local police departments.    In order to truly fight the cyber crime wave, we are going to need to invest more aggressively to give investigators the resources necessary to combat these armed gangs of criminals.

Think of this in physical terms – again, armed gangs of criminals are breaking into businesses and taking hostages, and if this was physical, those business owners would be screaming for investment in pushing back.   Thus, we should be positioning it this way.

We know that technology investment alone won’t solve it – it’s part of the solution, not the entire part.  We need to push for the investment in the system around it to help resolve this criminal action.

Source: ZDNet