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State and local job markets, and how to leverage the data

The new edition of the Milken Institute’s State and Technology index has been released, and ranks states across five core areas: research and development; risk capital and entrepreneurial infrastructure; human capital investment; technology and science workforce; and technology concentration and dynamism.

Number one?  Massachusetts, followed by Colorado, California, Maryland, and Washington.   My home state of Virginia is 8th – you can find your own in the link in the show notes.

Related, a separate study by job site Indeed ranked the DC Metro area as the most robust for tech jobs, followed by New York and Seattle.    The Bay Area clocked in at fourth.  

Top skills – coding languages, Linux, and AWS.     Links to the study also in the show notes.

Why do we care?

Here’s why we care on this one – with the ability to hire and manage teams virtually normalized, there is robust opportunity to explore new locations for hiring.     Let me observe that while the DC Metro is top ranked, it also aligns with Maryland and Virginia’s placement on the state rankings.

New York, while robust for tech jobs, ranks 21st on the state ranking, meaning that those high paying jobs may be more available to those outside the region.

There’s also an inverse possibility – those from those robust regions may continue to explore housing outside of those areas, as the high cost of living drives workers to reexamine the choices.

Your takeaways – examine your own markets to know how you fit, and leverage your own situation to hire more effectively… or retain talent.

Source: GeekWire

Source: Indeed