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Cloud opportunity in the gap: hybrid and training

Let’s talk cloud.      Some highlights from a pair of briefs.

  • Per a Nutanix study, a hybrid cloud model is the “ideal operating model” per 86% of respondents, and the pandemic accelerated cloud adoption.
  • That deployment is a higher priority for companies, even above improving business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Cost savings no longer drive the decision – only 27% of respondents cited it as a reason for switching models
  • Per a SPR study, 47% of IT decision makers agree the pandemic “accelerated their cloud maturity”, and 39% rate their current cloud strategy as “very mature.”
  • That said, just one quarter of line-of-business IT workers agree.
  • And why do all this? Enabling remote work, of course, according to 47% of those surveyed.

Why do we care?

I combined these two because of the clearer picture they tell.     Yesterday, CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook focused on cloud-first as the model going forward, and as that plays out, we know that some hybrid model is going to be the most logical.    This is a pretty clear trend.

So those implementing are doing a solid job… and those on the front lines are not seeing the plan.     There’s your opportunity.     Embrace the trend, but go further than competitors by ensuring your training and evangelism extends out all the way to the workers using the systems.    

Linking results out to the edge – not edge computing, but the edge employees – will result in more effective implementations, higher success rates, and customers satisfaction… which also leads to less churn, a key metric in any recurring revenue or “as a service” model.

Source: CIO Dive, CIO Dive