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Why do we care about a Smart Monitor

I don’t normally highlight products, but this one caught my eye for a specific reason.    Samsung is releasing the Smart Monitor, which adds over-the-top media services (such as Netflix), mobile connectivity, and remote PC capabilities to monitors.     The device also allows the addition of a mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth to connect to Office 365.

Why do we care?

This seems so obvious – we have screens that are dumb when so many other ones are smart.

Here’s a big picture idea – if you could use ANY screen as a computing device, and link to your own pocket computer (aka, smartphone!) in any location, it really does drive us to ubiquitous computing, and opens up a lot of possibilities.

The fact no one had made monitors smart before really is a bit glaring.     It seems rather obvious now.  And the best ideas are those that seem obvious.

Source: The Verge