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CompTIA’s IT Trends Outlook for 2021

CompTIA has released their IT Trends Outlook report for 2021.  Let’s review the list.

  1. There Is No Normal– The concept of an established pattern will be more elusive for businesses, forcing them to juggle a multitude of options, from employee locations to supply chain components to customer demands.
  2. Cloud Is King– Organizations will adopt a cloud-first mentality when it comes to building or upgrading IT infrastructure.
  3. Channel Firms Respond to Customer Changes– The need for flexibility by channel firms has never been greater as customers work their way through uncertain times.
  4. Channel Dynamics Become More Balanced– Vendor/partner relationships become a marriage of equals, with cloud computing as the primary matchmaker.
  5. Emerging Technologies Find Their Place Inside Business Solutions– Organizations direct their energy into building solutions on top of the platform’s they’ve built on cloud and mobile options.
  6. Zero Trust Shapes Cybersecurity Initiatives– Verify everything becomes the new paradigm that guides cybersecurity practices.
  7. Managed Service Providers Build Deeper Cybersecurity Expertise– More MSPs redefine their businesses almost exclusively around security, adding advanced services.
  8. Tech Industry Prepares for Regulation– The impact is likely to be felt by everyone, from the largest industry titans to the smallest channel firms.
  9. Business Conversations Drive Business Skills for Tech Pros– No longer relegated to the help desk, IT pros’ need for professional skills is accentuated – and often required.
  10. Companies Set Public Goals for Diversity– It’s time for companies to move beyond awareness to accountability with deliverables that are public and certifiable.

Why do we care?

 So much here, especially for data and projection nerds like me.   This isn’t surprising.. and it’s quite validating.   Listeners will know I’ve been highlighting zero trust, regulation and diversity as key issues, and CompTIA’s analysts agree.

Your 2021 plan needs to address these trends.  

Source: CompTIA